Monday, April 9, 2007

SPG Airflow Parts (Up to date as of 4/26 at 10:30AM)

Hi, my name is Chris Norton. I purchased Taylor Welden's 1990 SAAB SPG Airflow two years ago. I drove it as a secondary vehicle for about a year, had Jak Stoll tune it to mind-numbing performance levels, had plans to get the car to perfection and keep it for years.... and then the engine suffered a fatal blow- with the estimate of repair being much greater than the value of the car. Against my wishes, I have decided to part out the SPG to pay off the money invested and other bills.

This is the largest collection of the rarest SAAB parts ever put up in one single ad, so I will be updating all sales through this blog, as I believe they will sell quickly do to the rarity. Check back frequently to see which new parts become available, and which parts have been SOLD.

Please email me at for purchase, or for questions. Buyer pays shipping. Everything shipped from Savannah, GA 31403. I will ship twice a week. I accept and prefer PayPal as primary method of payment- however, I will accept USPS Money Orders. All parts pictured and described to best illustrate the true condition of these parts. Please keep in mind, these parts are from a show worthy SPG (SAAB Owner's convention 1st place winner in Hershey), so the parts are mostly all in exceptional condition, especially for their rarity and age.

And to the parts....


1. Johansson Motorsport Front & Rear Airflow Bumpers for C900. Imported from Sweden. 100% FIberglass, lightweight. This is the only set of bumpers from JMS that I know about in existance. Very minor chipping of gel coat on front bumper, easily repaired when painted for your car. No cracks or structural damage whatsoever. Price Lowered! $850.

19. Airflow Wheel Well Arches European-Spec. Very rare. (US version does not have scooped out area where arches meet SPG panels). Price Lowered! $375.

6. 2.1 Liter Cylinder Head, with lightly polished intake ports. Surface gunk on valves. Either 2.0 or 2.1 Cams- unsure. Price Lowered! $100.

7. Jet Hot Coated Fuel Rail w/2.5 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator. $50.

12. Jet Hot Coated Turbo Heat Shield. $15.

21. SPAL High-Flow Radiator Pull Fan (VA11-AP8/C-29A) $20.

22. Optima Red Top Battery (great for trunk mounted battery setups). $40.

25. Group 9 Performance Airflow-style Front Mount Intercooler Kit with thick Spearco Intercooler Core.
WITH Group 9 Performance Cold Air Intake Pipe. WITH Swedish Dynamics K&N Intake Kit (includes a new Air Mass Meter with removed mesh inserts for extra flow). Includes all custom piping, tubing, and stainless steel constant-torque clamps. Price Lowered! $750.

28. Custom Clear Side Marker Lenses. Not the SAAB smoke version available at the dealer. One set made from C900 parts and 9-3SS parts, custom made by Taylor. $15.

29. Jet Hot Coated Door Sills. $30.

-----------SOLD PARTS-----------

2. Johansson Motorsport Airflow Whaletail for C900. Imported from Sweden. 100% FIberglass, no rubber lip to crack or repair- ever. This is the only whaletail from JMS that I know about in existance. Professionally painted Talladega Red. No damage, excellent condition. $700.

3. Red Powdercoated Valve Cover with Stainless Steel Hardware. $75.

4. George's Imports- 3" Stainless Steel High-Flow Split Downpipe for Mitsubishi turbos. $325.

5. 2.1 Liter Intake Manifold WITH Group 9 Performance Big Bore 52mm Throttle Body (includes newly replaced TPS sensor). $350 (price lowered). SOLD.

8. Bosch FMS 30# Fuel Injectors. (pictured with MBC) $50.

9. Manual Boost Controller. $10.
(pictured above)

10. Swedish Dynamics Magnecor Spark Plug Wires w/New Ignition Cap. $40.

11. -blank for now-

13. Newer AIC Valve. $10.

14. Forge Bypass Valve (includes tubing to relocate BPV to upper engine area). $70.

15. MSD 6A Igntion Box (PN 6200). $60.

16. Clear Turn Signals. Excellent condition. $60.

17. Custom Aluminum Mesh Grille. $80.

18. SAAB Blocking Plate for removed AC systems. $5. SOLD.

20. Tail Light Lenses, great condition. $10.

23. MSD High Vibration Ignition Coil. $15.

24. Jak Stoll Performance Mitsubishi TE-05 Turbocharger with Upgraded Thrust Bearing (includes exhaust manifold with 'hump' removed and polished turbo outlet). Less than 500 miles on brand new turbo. $600. SOLD.

26. SAAB Rear Air Outlet Covers w/Aluminum Mesh Grilles. You must show me your car and tell me about your plans for it before I sell these to you. Taylor instructed me to pass this as a very special gift. The stock SAAB grilles behind the metal mesh grille inserts are from Todd Campisano's award-winning "SCANIA", then they went onto the award-winning red airflow SPG, now the gift will be passed along. Kit includes outlet covers, metal mesh inserts, and grilles from Todd's SPG. Truly a piece of SAAB history in the making. $50.
SOLD to Todd Campisano for his 1990 Talladega Red SPG!

NEUSWEDE Short Shifter Kit with Chrome SAAB Griffin Emblem Shift Knob and Leather Shift Boot. $50. SOLD.

30. Right & Left Headlights. sold as pair. $70.

31. Custom Upholstered Door Panels with soft padded vinyl. $40. SOLD.

Red cap Oil Dipstick. $5. SOLD.

33. Rear Decor Panel (European-Spec.) WITH Very Rare SAAB Airflow Badge. Excellent condition. Extremely rare combination here. $350. SOLD

34. SAAB 900 LH 2.4 ECU for 1991 (0 280 000 948) WITH Jak Stoll Performance Custom Tuned Performance Fuel Chip. $200.

35. Super Aero Wheels with Yokohama Parada spec-2 tires (205/45/16) with plenty of tread left. $650. (still preparing photos) SOLD.

36. SAS Rear Sway Bar with Polyurethane Bushings (includes all hardware). Painted with anti-rust red paint. $100.
(preparing photos) SOLD.

37. 2.5" Custom Cat-Back Exhaust System with High-Flow Performance Cat and High-Flow Glasspack Muffler. Includes Viggen stainless steel exhaust tip. Built for high flow as primary concern. Sounds excellent. $150.
(preparing photos) SOLD.

38. Remaining entire shell sale pending- so I cannot pull any parts, and Griffin will be back on the road SOLD.